Episode 1: How Do?

Welcome to Through the NarraScope - Episode 1: "How do?"

In this episode, we introduce ourselves (Shae, David, Justin, and Dan) and discuss the IFComp. We highly encourage everyone to take a part in the IFComp this year (and every year!) through being a judge, playing at least five games, and submitting your votes.

We close the episode discussing what video games we have been playing including some commentary on "That Goose Game", Slay the Spire, Borderlands 2, Steins:Gate, YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of this World, and Neo Cab.

You can reach us through sending e-mail to narrascope@iftechfoundation.org with a subject line of "Podcast." Please share with us your thoughts on NarraScope 2019, what we might work towards including during our planning of NarraScope 2020, and if any games in The Legend of Zelda series are, in fact, roguelikes.

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