Episode 2: "Shaping Your Story with Emotional Intelligence" by Natalia Martinsson

In this episode, we share a recording of the keynote from NarraScope 2019: "Shaping Your Story with Emotional Intelligence" by Natalia Martinsson. (Video recording here.)

Content warning: The keynote touches on the topics of sexual abuse, violence, self harm, and dealing with emotional trauma.

After the keynote, we discuss its connections to games that have resonated with us personally including Life is Strange, Gone Home, and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. This leads us into sharing games that have affected us negatively, and how what games like American Election and Papers, Please! can persuade us in different ways.

You can reach us through sending e-mail to narrascope@iftechfoundation.org with a subject line of "Podcast." Please share with us your thoughts on NarraScope 2019 keynote and what games have personally resonated with you.

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