Episode 3: "Dissecting the Bandernatch With a Vorpal Sword" Panel

In this episode, we share a recording of the "Dissecting the Bandernatch With a Vorpal Sword" panel from NarraScope 2019. It featured Heather Albano, Mary Duffy, Jason Stevan Hill, Emily Short, and Ian Thomas. (Video recording here.)

Following the panel, we discuss Bandernatch and its connection to other games and notable NPC interactions including the character Jericho from Fallout 3, the history of the Satellaview for the Famicom, and The Blackout Club.

We close this episode discussing games we have been playing such as Majestic Quest, Slenderman: The Arrival, Guildings, Sayonara Wild Hearts, Pokemon Sword and Shield, The House in Fata Morgana, and how the epistolary novel has become the exposition device of most modern video games through e-mails and audio logs. "Genres don't die. They just go underground."

You can reach us through sending e-mail to narrascope@iftechfoundation.org with a subject line of "Podcast." Please share with us your thoughts on NarraScope 2019 keynote and what games have personally resonated with you from the panel.

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